Saturday, June 25, 2011

HP Representative Talks About The HP Touchpad on Fox News

Richard Kerris, a WebOS representative for HP, talked on Fox News about how the HP Touchpad will differentiate against the other tablets. Richard said he thought homebrew was great and they supported it. He also mentioned the fact that HP sells 2 computers every second and how WebOS was going to be available on every HP Computer next year. The main feature he talks about is how synergy will keep all devices connected including your PC/laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Richard also slapped the Android OS by saying that developers are frustated wtih fragmentation. He said that with WebOS there will be an ecosystem where HP creates the hardware and the software and that it should make it easy for developers. He also highlighted OTA updates, where you can update your device even if you are in the beach. In my opinion, it wasn't a very good presentation of the Touchpad, he was holding one but never bothered to use it. Watch the video and judge yourself.